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Happy Mid Autumn Festival Bentos

I’ve been looking high and low for some lanterns in my area but sadly, I can’t find any for my… Continue reading »


Quail Eggs (Caterpillar and Puppy) Bentos

My gal complained that her bentos look pretty plain lately, can’t I just fix her some Hello Kitty or something… Continue reading »


Wenlock and Mandeville of London Olympics 2012 Bentos

Actually, it should be SIMPLIFIED Wenlock and Mandeville of London Olympics 2012 Bentos. 😛 Quote: Wenlock and Mandeville are the… Continue reading »

Panda and Teddy Quail egg bento

Bread rolls and animal quail eggs bentos

I’m running out of idea lately, probably due to severe lack of sleep taking care of Coffee. Then I recalled… Continue reading »

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori & Cinnamonroll and Mocha Bentos

That’s such a long title. LOL! My boy loves kaya, but he doesn’t like it to be green, like those… Continue reading »

Seals Bento

I saw  some Japanese bento blogs with seals, and thought that I might try making one for today’s bento. I… Continue reading »

Disney Characters Bento

Oh well, I’m out of idea how to name this blog post. 😛 Decorated the quail eggs as Mickey and… Continue reading »

Happy Valentine’s Day Bentos

It’s Valentine’s Day, but we won’t be doing anything special. Hubby is not the type who celebrates special occasions and… Continue reading »

Pooh and Piglet Quail Eggs Bento

I’d just realized that I have some quail eggs in the fridge, so it’s best to use them before they… Continue reading »

Another Dragon Bento

It’s my second attempt in creating a dragon bento, especially after my boy said that the previous dragon looked like… Continue reading »

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