I received this free sample from FunBites and decided to give it a try.  When I first saw it in the parcel, the first thing that got in my mind was, these bites are very tiny for my kids! But then again, if you have young children and toddlers, the cutter might be useful in making food fun.

I tried it on bread, without spreading any jam. I guess the jam might spread out a little if I press down too hard so I reckoned trying it on plain white bread. You must remove the middle popper top before cutting. Trust me, I’ve done my mistake. 😛


Then you just grab the handles on both sides and press down firmly a few times. Oh yes, you need to have some energy in cutting it down! Then just use the popper to push out the food but I didn’t do so. The bites just dropped out easily.


Do drop by the website and check out the other heart design and all products by FunBites are BPA free. You can try it on ham, pancake, cheese, thin sliced of fruits and others as well.

Now, if you are new to kyaraben, you might find these cutters useful. But if you are a “veteran” or experienced bentoer like me, you might just skip this tool. You make the choice. :)


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