Checkered Birthday Cake

My boy has just turned 8. Time flies! It’s been a norm for the kids at school to bring a cake on their birthdays, to be shared among their friends, but since I would like to have a simple cake cutting celebration at home, I decided to bake him a cake. It’s my first attempt, so my boy was in doubt when I told him that I’d make him one, and assured him that the one he’s bring to school will be professionally made by the bakery. LOL!

Birthday cake

My piping skill is very lousy, so that’s something I should be practicing more. I really hope that I can attend some baking and cake decorating classes! One day…one fine day…

Inside the cake. It’s checkered cake.

My boy loves it and I’m in cloud nine. :)

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  1. prince n princess mum December 19, 2012 at 1:43 pm