Lazy vs tiger mom

Since I can’t read Thai and my kids are in semi Thai private school, I hardly take note of what they are learning in Thai related subjects, and only check English, Maths, Science and music. I would say that I’m an easy (or lazy) mom when it comes to academic performance, and even if I was raised to be a so called straight A (almost :P) student in a typical Chinese school in Malaysia, I hardly want to bring up my kids that way. It’s not that I want to pamper my kids, I’m just too lazy and lack of time to do so. 😛 Hey, it takes a lot of effort to be a Chinese Tiger Mom! You would know what I mean if you have read Amy Chua’s book.

Nevertheless, I set some rules at home like no TV and gadgets on school days, and my kids have to spend 15 – 30 minutes playing the music. Actually, I don’t have to remind them about this anymore and it’s already became a natural habit to them. Our TV is more than a piece of decor than an entertainment device. That’s why we only have one TV at home, and I don’t need to get more for my bedroom or any standandmounts tv stands to be place elsewhere in the house.

Besides that, I don’t believe in getting my kids an iPad each and just let them fight over it. LOL! By doing so, they have to share the brain clogging gadget and they have to earn their play time too! Oh boy, I’m a 50% tiger mom.

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