Busy week

I’ve been very busy this week, and thus I didn’t have time to pack any kyaraben. Kids are having plain looking bento meals for days but they are fine with it. My kids’ school has lots of activities since the new semester started in end of October. After the Halloween activities 2 weeks ago, they are having art and music week now.

My gal is taking part in Thai dance and violin, so for the past few days, she’s pretty occupied with rehearsal, and the mommy is busy getting and shopping for her attires.

A stage had been set up yesterday, and some dj gear and speakers will be installed tomorrow for a mini concert. I shall station at school from morning to evening, helping my gal to change into 2 sets of attires, applying makeup, and snapping photos! Thank god that my boy is not interested in any performance. I can’t be any busy than this!

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  1. prince n princess mum November 16, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    Sounds busy..