School holiday

It’s second week of the school holiday, and so far, I’m surviving! Having kids in my work place is always a challenge for me, especially since my kids can be rather noisy, and they don’t spend 8 hours a day doing worksheets. 😛 I make sure that they spend at least 30 minutes on their work or reading, then they can go to their iNanny gadgets. Yeap, I’m a mother that let my kids spend lots of time playing iPads, shiaks…

The good thing about school holiday is I don’t pack any cute bentos, but just some snack for the kids as their tea. On my lazy days, they will snack on junks. *don’t judge me again* *sweat*

If I’m still up to it, I will bake something a night before and pack for the kids:

wmMexican bun
Mexican buns

Mini rainbow chiffon cake
Mini rainbow chiffon cake

assorted buns with same dough recipe
Assorted buns with the same tangzhong recipe


For the last pic, however, they dropped on the floor as soon as we arrived my office as both kids were fighting on who should be bring out the bento. *slap head*

I love my kids but it’s not easy juggling both work and kids in the same room. Oh well, I need to be more patient! *breathe in breathe out*

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  1. agnes October 19, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    it is good that you can bring your kids to the office. It is hard for me as I work for people, the bosses do not like it. Kids are kids, very curious in everything and can’t sit still and get bore very fast, but I prefer them to be active, if they keep quiet I suspect something not right already, they could be not well.