Baby Shops in Ipoh

A few years ago, one of my friends in KL asked me if there are a lot of baby shops in Ipoh. Frankly, there are not. We don’t have a lot of choices here, even for simple necessities like car seats. I shop at Bebe Shop because it is still the one with the most choices to choose from, as comparing to others.

I went there to look for a booster seat for my boy, but there is only one left and it’s from Chicco. My boy doesn’t like the color, so I didn’t get it. It’s really hard to get those items here, that’s why I shop more in Penang or KL.

But if you are interested, come and set up a store in Ipoh, I bet the market should be ok. We are desperate here. LOL! Just remember to get NCR point of sale or ibm pos equipment or other used point of sale when you are setting up your store. It will be much easier to monitor your daily sales and inventory if you have POS.

So, anyone interested to set up a store here?

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